Thursday, April 12, 2012

Do What Few People Will by Shawn Randleman

Good Day #Smartpreneurs! Too often we daydream of the possibilities of having more! We envision our dream career or profiting business! We see that, dream house and car! We want our kids to go to the best schools and our families eating the best meals! We know it's possible because we see the dream, in reality, all around us every day!  Why but is it so hard to obtain our dreams? It's simple..."You must be willing to do what few people will do!"


If you want your dream career or successful business launch, you must make sacrifices that everyone around you will not! This commitment will take your money and your time, which is priceless, so you must be 100% committed to the mission. Surround yourself with the right professionals and invest in the proper equipment that gets the job done. Learn from each error you encounter and each milestone you accomplish. Be willing to continuously learn and stay ahead of your competition!


Do you want your dream home or car? You have to evaluate the assets you have right now! First, create additional cash flow to pay off your liabilities. Side B business models are the way to go if you have a full-time job. If you own a business, discover another source of income within your current product or service model. To obtain your dreams, you're going to need cash flow and good credit! Start now, paying all bills on time, double all credit & loan payments. You should also save at least 10% of your income BEFORE TAXES each month! I suggest 401k, IRA, or Stocks. For weekly savings, Stash is a great company to save your money and earn returns.


I was taught, "If you want what few have, you must be willing to do what few people will do!" Even if you must stay up for the next 48 hours to stay on track, DO IT! I guarantee the sleep after will be so sweet and relaxing with no worries because you got the job done!...

Let me explain this further, please listen to my 2-minute lesson: 

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