Monday, August 7, 2017

Surround Yourself by Shawn Randleman

Good Day #Smartpreneurs! Over the years of my journey in business I've taken time to submerge myself around greatness and wisdom. Now over 15 years later, nothing has changed. At every level of my life I surround myself with someone greater then me. So "What’s my secret to staying surrounded with greatness?"

As entrepreneurs, we have a lot more flexibility in who we surround ourselves with, then most career professionals. It is imperative as a entrepreneur to seek coaches, mentors, advisors and continuous training to achieve greatness. Especially throughout the development of your career as a entrepreneur.

If your family & friends are not supportive. Don't turn your back on them. Just limit your time with the nay'sayers. You must build a solid support system to grow exponentially! 

As a career professional stay away from the "water cooler" group. Take lunch with other professionals you inspire to become! Go back to college and advance your skills in your career. In college you will meet like-minded great people!

Who we spend our spare time with? Defines our tomorrow's! Remember that time is priceless and nonrefundable in life. Spend your spare time with people, who are going to elevate and take your life to the next step. 

If you want a better relationship! Start by hanging around successful couples. If you want your children to be culturally diverse, change their environment! Teach them the importance of having quality friends over cultural differences. You must surround your family's mind with greatness!

In closing, my mother always says..."You show me your friends...I will show you your future"! As a child my response was, "No mom, I make my own choices, my friends don't make them for me!" 

Over the years I realize, that the majority of good or bad decisions, I've made in my life. Where influenced at some level, based on the environment or my"friends". Despite the fact, I truly believe that the choice is yours! 

If you want massive change, you must let go of ALL NEGATIVE PEOPLE! Including your "FRIENDS & FAMILY" because negative & selfish people are toxic towards growth. STAY AWAY! In order to be great you must "surround yourself with greatness"!...Let me explain this further, please listen to my 2-minute lesson: 

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