Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"The Best Revenge" By Shawn Randleman

Good day #Smartpreneurs! I was taught four years ago that the sweetest revenge is massive success. Despite all the tragedies I’ve experienced this year, I will never fold. The price of becoming successful is that I have had a lot of haters, even among my family and friends who don’t understand my decisions. They wish for me to fall, yet I wish for them to become great! I've learned how to follow my purpose in life which is bigger than my girlfriend, kids, family, friends, and haters.

I've helped so many people fulfill their destiny; God wired my brain differently than other people. Most people never tap into how they're natural wired, they follow what they were taught to do. You will never become truly successful or happy just going with the flow. People actually fool themselves in believing there happy and successful because life is “comfortable”! Stop lying to yourself and making excuses for your current situation. Start today, follow your purpose and become truly successful.

"Success is like beauty, it in the eye of the beholder”... I say this, to tell you a story based on beauty. The interesting thing about humans is that they are attracted to different types of beauty. Despite how you may view a person or object, someone in this world thinks it's “God's great gift to the earth.” Success is seen in many different ways too, but the objective behind success is conquering what you perceive it to be. In Beauty, it's a combination of hair, makeup, and clothes, which fits with your unique personality and body type. Just like success, beauty is controlled by outside influences such as the runway and magazines we adore. Truly beautiful and successful people understand exactly who they are. Success is conquered by mass-producing what you have.

The sad part about both beauty and success is when you are achieving your goals…you have some haters along the way! Some people who will tell you that you're ugly…so…you do what you were destiny to do! Remember ‘the best revenge is massive success."...

Let me explain this further, please listen to my 2-minute lesson:

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