Monday, September 4, 2017

"The Power of The Mission" by Shawn Randleman

Good Day #Smartpreneurs! You know to often I see startups with great ideas and the resources to back them, yet they still fail. Without a long-term mission you can not expect long term successful results. You must understand that it's more then your idea, it's the way your idea impact others which makes you successful. Let’s explore how important is the mission behind work & life…

I've seen over the past 14 years, businesses with the craziest ideas and the most limited resources become the Pinterest, Tesla, AirBnB and Uber of their industries. Why? Their focus was on the mission and how it would benefit others, not just themselves.

Too many times we go to work or start a business for just financial gain! Only few have set the mission of growing and building a lifestyle which benefit others more then ourselves. Many of the companies such as Pinterest or AirBnb, bigger companies such as Microsoft and even Apple have underestimate the power of ‘Someone On A Mission”. That underestimation has cost them big time!

We’re now on the dawn of a “New Social Economy” which you must, care about the clients you engage with, more then your own opinions behind your product or service. You mission is to solve the problem and fulfill the need. Your business must have a team with mission to solve a problem to survive in this new competitive marketplace. In return you will get the lifestyle you desire!

More important then your career or business mission, is your personal mission in life! Everything is not about MONEY. Before you set any of your career or business goals create a person mission statement & plan. Your personal mission should reflect what type of lifestyle you want to live that would make you “Happy & Balance”. You also reflect on if “Money Was No Object” what would you do?

Start first by asking yourself if your planning to single or in a relationships. If your in relationship understand their is two mission happen at the same time. You will need to support each other on the journey. Finding common goals you share and creating new goals based on each others mission. Do you have or want kids in the near future? Kids are big life long investment! Do you want to love in another country? Different rules & cultures

I learn along time ago "You never underestimate the power of someone on a mission!"Yyb...Let me explain this further, please listen to my 2-minute lesson:

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