Thursday, April 12, 2018

"Don't Take Life So Seriously" by Shawn Randleman

Good April 12th #Smartpreneurs & thank you for sharing this special day with me! In today's political, economic and global social environment. It's easy to raise anxiety and stress levels to the max. Which can relate to health and fatigue issues you may be having in your life. Despite all the bills and responsibilities we have. We must escape this reality and become more child-like! Let's explore some productivity methods in work & life you can use, so you "Don't Take Life So Seriously"...


As a professional, we've been taught to "Do The Job"! By doing the "job" we get paid. If we don't do the job right, it's a high possibility of getting fired or replaced. If your living like this, chances are you not working in what you love. The first step for a professional to stop taking life so seriously is to "Doing What You Love, every day". I know this is hard for many career professionals, but by taking 90 minutes per day focusing on your purpose. It will change your life completely! These 90 minutes should be spent on developing the skills & resources needed to mastering your purpose. Start today! 12 months from now you would have spent 547 hours on your own purpose. How does life look now?


Our lifestyle is a perspective of our needs and wants from our eyes. It has been proven that man can survive without a home, car and all these fancy things the world tells us we must have. The majority of people's stress in life is because of their wants, not their needs. A homeless man wanting a "cigarette or alcoholic beverage" instead of a "meal or shelter". A middle-class worker wanting a "luxury car & brand name clothes" instead of “Paying off their home or Investing".  Stop trying to keep up with everyone else. Set goals live within your means, save and conquer! In order to make life less "serious", you must get rid of unnecessary stress.


In closing nothing in life is worth your health! More people die from stress than any drug on the planet. If your life is hard because of the choices you've made in the past. Today matters in order to change your life, you must make the decision today to stop taking life so seriously...Let me explain this further. Please take a few moments and listen to my thoughts on “Don’t Take Life So Seriously”:

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