Friday, November 15, 2019

A Man Sees In The World from Shawn Ryan Randleman

Today, I realized it doesn’t matter what I've shared with you or my clients professionally. If YOU don't put your heart behind the INFORMATION that I give’s pointless! Why? I can't control how you see or interpret the world. Only you can make that choice, it must come from the heart. In this edition, I reflected on the quote "A Man Sees In The World, What He Carries In His Heart"

Are you unhappy in your current profession? Chances are you're going to stay unhappy no matter what promotion they may give to you. It's important to find a profession or business in which you enjoy all your heart. Careers & businesses both cost time and money to master. Success is the result of “sacrificed” time, money and, more importantly, energy! If your heart's in it, you won't care about the sacrifice. You will enjoy every minute of it!

We all dream of an ideal lifestyle, in which we can help our loved ones. So why is it, a little over 20% of people will come close to achieving their dreams? Why is it you can envision or “See” what you want out of this world, but never obtain it. It's a simple reason, you never put your FULL heart behind what you “see”. So it stays a dream, never to evolve into reality. I believe we all have the capabilities but not “heart” to obtain success!

As you & I see the world, I believe we discover what we want in life and work. Let us follow our hearts more. Let’s put our hearts towards the goals needed to assist us, in achieving the greatest...Let me explain this further, please listen to my 2-minute lesson:


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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Dream Without A Plan By Shawn Randleman

This month in our Success Never Series I'm reflecting on the subject "A Dream Without A Plan" We all aspire to achieve our dreams, but many of us fail to plan. We have this crazy belief that our plans can stay in our head and still be executed physically. This is so far from the truth! Highly successful people know you must write or type out your dreams, but more importantly, create a process to obtain it. Let's explore the perspective of "A Dream Without A Plan"...


Despite what other professionals may say...If you want someone to believe in your dream you must make it a reality on paper first! How do successful people convert dreams into real businesses? A change of mindset! If you dream it, you can plan it out. In order for your dreams to manifest at work, you must have the passion to seek the proper knowledge & resources at any cost. As you gather your resources around your dream you should document the process, cost and how the resource will be used. This is the beginning of the planning process towards your dreams in your career or business


Too many people walk into our office every day not knowing how to give thanks, for all the achievements they accomplished so far in life. We all dream of a better life, but to achieve it we must appreciate the past and give thanks for the present! The reality of our dreams depends on what we accomplish at work. If your work goals are not supporting the lifestyle you want. You really need to reevaluate your current work positions. In achieving the lifestyle you deserve, work & dreams must align for massive success.


In closing, almost every human on this planet has the capabilities to plan and fulfill their destiny in life. The problem is most people rather "dream & talk" instead of "plan & act"! The dream empowers the vision, but without the passion to plan the process. You will dream of a lifestyle until the end of your time with no real world results...Let me explain this further, in my 2-minute audio lessons:

Please take a few moments for yourself and listen to my thoughts on "A Dream Without A Plan"