Wednesday, February 12, 2020

"At The End Of Your Life" by Shawn Randleman

Life is a journey with many opportunities and failures with one guaranteed conclusion, it will end. None of us know when or how we just know it will happen one day. Are you living every day as if it was your last day here on earth? Think about it life is about experiences! How many experiences have you had so far in life? In this edition, I reflect on the thought... ”At the End of Your Life You Won’t Remember All The Times You Played It Safe"


Do you do what you love right now? Honestly ask yourself that question! Is your reasoning for your current profession choice is to maintain your current lifestyle? As you reflected on these questions think about what you want to do with your time each day. What I’ve learned over the years is purpose-driven work provides the greatest satisfaction and long-term growth. Right now you can start by taking 10% of your time on discovering self-purpose and self-regulation at work.

Small steps every single day toward your big picture always wins, no matter how long it may take you! Too many people in this world look for ways to make money fast, doing less work or no work at all. Successful professionals understand the importance of living purpose-driven lives, advancing their skills and exploring new horizons. If you not working towards your purpose your just wasting time on your life's journey. Time is non-refundable therefore It’s priceless in value!


Working hard towards your purpose can be very time-consuming. The average highly productive professional works approximately 12-16 hours per day during the workweek. It’s important to reward yourself with experiences in life, not just material items. As you create your purpose-driven plan you must create achievable milestones with rewards. The reward should motivate you to the next level, I highly suggest taking trips around the world over anything else.
Traveling opens your mind to new purpose-driven agendas. It allows you to see the world form many different perspectives. Try new exciting once-in-a-lifetime adventures while embracing amazing cultural experiences. Moments like those are never forgotten and can never be taken away. If you have a family I believe these rewards should be centered around your loved ones. Remember you take time away from them doing your purpose-driven mission. So invest the time back in your loved ones!


In closing the average life expectancy is about 80 years old now. How old are you right now? Have you accomplished everything you desired in life? Professionally did you achieve your full purpose? Don’t forget the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated the average professional will have 12 different career changes! So are you stuck in a non-purpose driven career or business? At the end of your life, what will you pass to the next generation? Or will you be a forgotten soul? Are you willing to invest the time and money to create the purpose-driven profession & lifestyle of your dreams?...

Let me explain this further, please listen to my 2-minute lesson:

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