Thursday, October 15, 2020

"Dream So Big You Get Uncomfortable"

We all have dreams of something better in life. What holds us back from obtaining those dreams? Many times we believe our current situation is what we deserve. Despite what we think or say we want in life! Many of us are too "comfortable" in our current situation to apply the discipline needed towards our dreams. Let me explain…


You want the big promotion at the job or for your business to clear a million dollars in revenue. Based on your experience, you may feel you deserve the raise or that million dollars in sales.

But unfortunately, your "experience" is not enough in this new global innovative market place! "Experience" for some, creates a comfort zone. You must be willing to get "uncomfortable" to outwit your competitors in sales or to beat other candidates for that promotion.

Understand success takes continuous improvement! You may have to take time from your personal life to take your career or business to the next level.


Do you even dream big now? It's easy to get distracted by life's everyday routines & obstacles. The older we get, it seems, the smaller our dream becomes. We believe the time is running against us instead of for us.

The only thing that disturbs most people at this point is "disruption of comfort." Recently the pandemic created this discomfort for millions of people worldwide. It revealed who was dreaming big and small! It open door for opportunist & close doors for the "comfortable."

Right now is the time to dream big! Right now is the time to be uncomfortable about your current situation! Look right now at your life; it's a reflection of the daily choices you've made since you've been an adult.


In closing, DREAM BIG! Don't get comfortable in any part of your life or work, particularly if you plan to achieve something extraordinary! Life is too short, my friends. Please realize it's a journey filled with life worthy obstacles and challenges you should take to create the life of your dreams! So aim for the discomfort in life...Let me give you some pointers; please listen to my 2-minute lesson:

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