Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Dream Without A Plan By Shawn Randleman

This month in our Success Never Series I'm reflecting on the subject "A Dream Without A Plan" We all aspire to achieve our dreams, but many of us fail to plan. We have this crazy belief that our plans can stay in our head and still be executed physically. This is so far from the truth! Highly successful people know you must write or type out your dreams, but more importantly, create a process to obtain it. Let's explore the perspective of "A Dream Without A Plan"...


Despite what other professionals may say...If you want someone to believe in your dream you must make it a reality on paper first! How do successful people convert dreams into real businesses? A change of mindset! If you dream it, you can plan it out. In order for your dreams to manifest at work, you must have the passion to seek the proper knowledge & resources at any cost. As you gather your resources around your dream you should document the process, cost and how the resource will be used. This is the beginning of the planning process towards your dreams in your career or business


Too many people walk into our office every day not knowing how to give thanks, for all the achievements they accomplished so far in life. We all dream of a better life, but to achieve it we must appreciate the past and give thanks for the present! The reality of our dreams depends on what we accomplish at work. If your work goals are not supporting the lifestyle you want. You really need to reevaluate your current work positions. In achieving the lifestyle you deserve, work & dreams must align for massive success.


In closing, almost every human on this planet has the capabilities to plan and fulfill their destiny in life. The problem is most people rather "dream & talk" instead of "plan & act"! The dream empowers the vision, but without the passion to plan the process. You will dream of a lifestyle until the end of your time with no real world results...Let me explain this further, in my 2-minute audio lessons:

Please take a few moments for yourself and listen to my thoughts on "A Dream Without A Plan"


Monday, January 1, 2018

"Don't Take Life So Seriously" by Shawn Randleman

Good Day #Smartpreneurs! In today's political, economic and global social environment. It's easy to raise anxiety and stress levels to the max. Which can relate to health and fatigue issues you may be having in your life. Despite all the bills and responsibility we have. We must escape this reality and become more child-like! Let's explore some productivity methods in work & life you can use, so you "Don't Take Life So Seriously"...

As a professional, we've been taught to "Do The Job"! By doing the "job" we get paid. If we don't do the job right, its a high possibility of getting fired or replaced. If your living like this, chances are your not working in what you love. The first step for a professional to stop taking life so seriously is to "Doing What You Love, Everyday". I know this is hard for many career professionals, but by taking 90 minutes per day on focusing on your purpose. It will change your life completely! This 90 minutes should be spent on developing the skills & resources needed to mastering your purpose. Start today! 12 months from now you would have spent 547 hours in your own purpose. How does life look now?

Our lifestyle is a perspective of our needs and wants from our eyes. It has been proven that man can survive without a home, car and all these fancy things the world tells us we must have. The majority of people's stress in life is because of their wants, not their needs. A homeless man wanting a "cigarette or alcoholic beverage" instead of a "meal or shelter". A middle-class worker wanting a "luxury car & brand name clothes" instead of “Paying off their home or Investing".  Stop trying to keep up with everyone else. Set goals live within your means, save and conquer! In order to make life less "serious", you must get rid of unnecessary stress.

In closing nothing in life is worth your health! More people die from stress than any drug on the planet. If your life is hard because of the choices you've made in the past. Today matters an in order to change your life, you must make the decision today to stop taking life so seriously...Let me explain this further. Please take a few moments and listen to my thoughts on “Don’t Take Life So Seriously”:

Monday, December 4, 2017

"The Decision To Go" by Shawn Ryan Randleman

I’ve had the privilege to meet some very talented people with amazing ideas. Each with the hope that we can make their ideas a success. Not realizing that the only person that can make their ideas a reality is them. Making the right decisions to go forward no matter what! I believe too many times, we slow ourselves down on the journey of life, by not making the right decisions! So today I want to reflect on why “The Decision To Go” makes or breaks entrepreneurs and professionals in all expects…

Would you get up at 5am in the morning Monday thru Friday to give yourself more time to conquer your goals? Many  of us will say yes, few of us actually will. Decisions like this, defines successful professionals from unsuccessful ones. No one can change your life, it starts with you! There's a long journey between your thoughts and the manifestation of your ideas.  Ideas can only be given life only through critical and precise decision-making. The bigger your idea is, the greater the distance you'll have to travel, the more decisions you will have to make and the more goals you will need to accomplish. Remember, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu.

Decisions in day-to-day life,  I believe are more complicated then work. Where we live? What we eat? How we dress? What or if we drive? Who's are friends? What’s our next vacation? What are we doing today? Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Each with a cause and effect in our development towards the future we desires.

You must realize everyday is a amazing day, full of possibilities. You must decide to get out and go meet new extraordinary people! Success breeds Success! You never know, you might meet someone who can change your life and the way you make decisions forever.

In closing, you must understand this golden rule of successful decision making...What you do with your time and money in order make your ideas a reality makes or breaks the success of your organization or your career......Let me explain this further. Please take a few moments and listen to my thoughts on "The Decision To Go":


Monday, November 6, 2017

"Wake Up Being Better" by Shawn Ryan Randleman

Good Day #Smartpreneurs! A few years ago I had a client ask me "Why is it that you seem to be happy all the time? No matter what, even when things are going wrong, you stay positive!" I laughed because I have my negative moments a lot, but I shared with him something I heard from Will Smith which change my perspective on life’s problems. Let me explain how it changes my perspective...


In your job or business, your going to have some bad times, no matter how experienced you are. Every company goes through rough times! In these tough times, you must use all of your knowledge and connections to excel. You must stay away from the people in your life who pour fuel on the situation. You can not let "today's mishaps" effect “tomorrow's positive actions.” I realize by staying focused on the positive outcomes, keeps me happy during hard times in business.


In life, your relationships with family and friends have a major effect on your moods day-to-day. It's important especially with close relationships to fix whatever issues you have politely and quickly. Your household issues can seriously affect your job and even more when you're running a business! Even if you don't fix the issue, make sure you wake up each morning seeking to find a positive motivating solution towards the problem. This mindset keeps me happy with my friends and family despite the magnitude of the issues.


In closing, Happiness is a choice! You can not allow people to steal your joy in life! Will Smith said it best... "I wake up every morning believing that today will be better than yesterday”. I personally use this advice's in most situations, in other words..."In every moment, I believe that the next moment will be better than the last moment"...Let me explain this further, please listen to my 2-minute lesson:

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Monday, October 2, 2017

"Thank God for Monday" by Shawn Randleman

Good day #Smartpreneurs! Today I want to reflect on why Monday is the best day for true entrepreneurs or professionals. We all must admit, that at some point in life "Monday" is the worst day of the week! Think about it! For many of us, we just got off of a two day mini vacation. What makes Monday's so hard, is the fact that the weekends takes us out of our normal daily routine. It's hard to get back on track any time, you take a break. But the most successful people in the world know that Monday is the most critical day of the workweek. Today I want to explain why we should "Thank God for Monday"

Now my full-time/part-time startup/freelancer workers it's critical to start work early on Monday! For some reason unlike career professionals, entrepreneurs believe they do not need to follow a Monday-Friday 9 to 5 schedule. They believe since they are the boss, they can work anytime they want too. Sorry, this is far from TRUE! Your schedule should be 7am to 11pm Monday until Saturday at least for the first 12 months of a startup. Now I know this is hard for my working class business owners, but you must dedicate at least 12 hours per week to your business and schedule it on Monday.

In order to be massively successful in life you must stick to a schedule. Many times in life we allow the events around us to dictate our schedules. We never dedicate a day to schedule the next seven days of our life. I'm a firm believer that Monday should be your plan day! Usually by Monday morning most people know the outlook of the rest of your week. So it's easier to schedule appointments and to set goals at the beginning of the week. The simplest thing such as creating a meal plan for the week can save you extremely a lot of time and money.

In closing, Monday is the day you evaluate your goals for the week and confirm all of the week's appointments. You should set at least three priorities for the week. And get them done...Let me explain this further and give you some more tips, please listen to my 2-minute lesson:

Monday, September 4, 2017

"The Power of The Mission" by Shawn Randleman

Good Day #Smartpreneurs! You know to often I see startups with great ideas and the resources to back them, yet they still fail. Without a long-term mission you can not expect long term successful results. You must understand that it's more then your idea, it's the way your idea impact others which makes you successful. Let’s explore how important is the mission behind work & life…

I've seen over the past 14 years, businesses with the craziest ideas and the most limited resources become the Pinterest, Tesla, AirBnB and Uber of their industries. Why? Their focus was on the mission and how it would benefit others, not just themselves.

Too many times we go to work or start a business for just financial gain! Only few have set the mission of growing and building a lifestyle which benefit others more then ourselves. Many of the companies such as Pinterest or AirBnb, bigger companies such as Microsoft and even Apple have underestimate the power of ‘Someone On A Mission”. That underestimation has cost them big time!

We’re now on the dawn of a “New Social Economy” which you must, care about the clients you engage with, more then your own opinions behind your product or service. You mission is to solve the problem and fulfill the need. Your business must have a team with mission to solve a problem to survive in this new competitive marketplace. In return you will get the lifestyle you desire!

More important then your career or business mission, is your personal mission in life! Everything is not about MONEY. Before you set any of your career or business goals create a person mission statement & plan. Your personal mission should reflect what type of lifestyle you want to live that would make you “Happy & Balance”. You also reflect on if “Money Was No Object” what would you do?

Start first by asking yourself if your planning to single or in a relationships. If your in relationship understand their is two mission happen at the same time. You will need to support each other on the journey. Finding common goals you share and creating new goals based on each others mission. Do you have or want kids in the near future? Kids are big life long investment! Do you want to love in another country? Different rules & cultures

I learn along time ago "You never underestimate the power of someone on a mission!"Yyb...Let me explain this further, please listen to my 2-minute lesson:

Monday, August 7, 2017

Surround Yourself by Shawn Randleman

Good Day #Smartpreneurs! Over the years of my journey in business I've taken time to submerge myself around greatness and wisdom. Now over 15 years later, nothing has changed. At every level of my life I surround myself with someone greater then me. So "What’s my secret to staying surrounded with greatness?"

As entrepreneurs, we have a lot more flexibility in who we surround ourselves with, then most career professionals. It is imperative as a entrepreneur to seek coaches, mentors, advisors and continuous training to achieve greatness. Especially throughout the development of your career as a entrepreneur.

If your family & friends are not supportive. Don't turn your back on them. Just limit your time with the nay'sayers. You must build a solid support system to grow exponentially! 

As a career professional stay away from the "water cooler" group. Take lunch with other professionals you inspire to become! Go back to college and advance your skills in your career. In college you will meet like-minded great people!

Who we spend our spare time with? Defines our tomorrow's! Remember that time is priceless and nonrefundable in life. Spend your spare time with people, who are going to elevate and take your life to the next step. 

If you want a better relationship! Start by hanging around successful couples. If you want your children to be culturally diverse, change their environment! Teach them the importance of having quality friends over cultural differences. You must surround your family's mind with greatness!

In closing, my mother always says..."You show me your friends...I will show you your future"! As a child my response was, "No mom, I make my own choices, my friends don't make them for me!" 

Over the years I realize, that the majority of good or bad decisions, I've made in my life. Where influenced at some level, based on the environment or my"friends". Despite the fact, I truly believe that the choice is yours! 

If you want massive change, you must let go of ALL NEGATIVE PEOPLE! Including your "FRIENDS & FAMILY" because negative & selfish people are toxic towards growth. STAY AWAY! In order to be great you must "surround yourself with greatness"!...Let me explain this further, please listen to my 2-minute lesson: